Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Tell me. Is it disrespect for President Obama to address the US Military in Pensalcola, FL in a coat without a tie? The military men and women were dressed with respect in mind. Why wasn't our Commander in Chief?

If it's hot outside, think of our troops in the deserts in Iraq. If you're trying to somehow get down on their youthful level, that is disrespect. They deserve more respect than any big wig anywhere....and attire can demonstrate that. There is a time and a place for casual wear. In a place where uniforms and respect are paramount, he should show up in "uniform" i.e., a white shirt and some combo of red or blue tie.... with a flag pin to boot. It may be trite, but we can expect some things from our president that simply respect the office and our military. He may want to be seen as "down to earth" or something, but he's not on the campaign trail - maybe someone should remind him of that.

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