Thursday, July 1, 2010


Remarkable. I mean that in two ways. One is that the following item is worth a remark, and the other is that it is truly remarkable in an amazing sense.

Apparently, the ardent atheist, Christopher Hitchens has cancer. There is a blog post that is soliciting prayer for him as he faces a potentially terminal disease.

It is interesting on all sorts of levels. The comments are fascinating, too. It's funny how bothered an atheist can be that someone is praying for them. Why does it matter?

I join this blogger in prayer for Christopher Hitchens. How awesome it would be to see him become a modern Paul, i.e, an atheist of atheists who converts to believing in the Lord Jesus Christ, and in his remaining days, uses his position of respect in the atheist world to showing people that there is a God, and He can be known.

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