Thursday, July 29, 2010


We all knew that the main stream media had a left bias and even a political agenda, but the evidence coming out of Journolist are astonishingly transparent in their frankness about their purposes.

The Daily Caller continues to provide pieces of the Journolist comments that are very damning, indeed. Today, it had a post, Political operatives on Journolist worked to shape news coverage
By Jonathan Strong
Here is just a sample of some of the quotes they found:“
Calling all Journos,” Bernstein wrote in a message relayed by Klein. “I thought we got too little love from progressive types re our tax changes targeted at businesses with overseas operations. We’re maybe going for another bite at the apple this Monday,” he wrote. Bernstein invited members of the list to join him on a conference call on the issue a few days later.
I'm not going to write all the tidbits about who was in on it, in addition to bloggers and media types, but the fix is in. But....will the same media bias keep these truths from coming out into the mainstream? Read the whole thing.

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