Friday, April 30, 2010


It's really happening. Every since 9/11 I have thought eventually we're going to end up with a biometric mark on our hand or forehead to prove who we are, to protect us from terrorists, illegal immigration, and identity theft. I predicted this because it's right there in the Bible that at some point we're going to be required to have a mark on our hand or forehead which will affect buying and selling, and the times provide the incentive to pursue an airtight way to prove who you are. Christians are warned from accepting the mark. This will bring on unparalleled prosecution of the church as they will either have to disobey a huge warning and command in the Bible or not be able to buy and sell.

I'm not the only one to think of this. If this truly comes about, there will be lots of hoarding of food and stuff, preparing for the impossibility of buying anything.

And, it's truly being talked about - and not only talked about, but a bill has been drafted. I heard it first on Fox today, but then I also see it in a news article in the Washington Post.
But it's still a biometric national ID card. It's handed out by the Social Security Administration and employers are required to check it when hiring new employees. Essentially, if you want to participate in the American economy, you need this card. "Within five (5) years of the date of enactment, the fraud-proof social security card will serve as the sole acceptable document to be produced by an employee to an employer for employment verification purposes," the bill says. "This requirement will exist even if the employer does not yet possess the capability to electronically verify the employee by scanning the card through a card reader."
Now, of course Jesus is not only coming back to America, but to the whole world. While the dialogue happened on Fox News (Neil Cavuto), the discussion turned to the fact that if only America has this requirement it would be a handicap for it in the global economy. Then, Neil posed the question, "so are we going to have a global biometric card?" The girl on the other side just shrugged her shoulders, as though that's not out of the realm of possibilities.

As in the Health Care bill, something like this could go through w/o thinking it all the way through first - without reading the fine print. Eventually, they'll realize that a card like this could make identity theft incredibly dangerous if someone got a hold of your card. So, the "fix" would be an implant on your hand or head. Someone could still drug you, put you under, and surgically remove it to steal your identity, but that would be harder than pick pocketing your wallet.

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