Thursday, April 29, 2010


Again, having had a extended break from the news, watching it again isn't very gratifying. The commentary and blue vs red discussions get tiresome and boil the blood. In most cases, it really comes down to hypocrisy. Politicians' stands on principals constantly change depending on the issue. That points to an interview on Hannity last night of an actual atheist's point of view on the political left's fear of Christianity. Looking at a distance, she can see that they are afraid of any concrete rules - and absolute right and wrong.

Waffling is a way of life for them. "I was for it before I was against it" type of thing. It was a big deal for the media with Kerry, but they see that as par for the course now - unless, of course, it's coming from the right. So they're just as guilty of the hypocrisy as everyone else. Hypocrisy and double speak. The difference is simply that hypocrisy happens from one instance to another, whereas "doublespeak" is contradiction that happens w/in one speech. That happens w/ surprising regularity.

Even though Christian values make up 80% of the American electorate or perhaps because of that, the Higher power of God and the absolute truth in His Word, Christianity threatens their power. The pattern in America for quite some time is that the minority or topic-specific groups are the ones who get out into the streets to protest and protect their rights or wishes. That is changing now. The 80% of the electorate with stronger values of right and and wrong and the protection and justice that accompanies it, is feeling threatened and they are raising up. In a democracy, one would expect the majority to rule while protecting the rights and freedoms of minorities. It feels like that paradigm has shifted in America over the years.

An age is coming when politicians and the MSM will no longer be able to reach a large enough electorate and audience with radical, extreme leftist ideas. They think of their ideas as mainstream, but in truth their PC talk offends a lot of people.

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