Monday, February 1, 2010


2010 is going to be a fun year for watching elections. Even the primary elections get exciting when new Tea Party candidates are involved. It's very exciting to see a truly grass roots movement make such an impact, without huge funds or name recognition. The Illinois governor primary's race is shaping up to be one such race. From, an article by Robert Stacy McCain, entitled, "Andrzejewski's Army,"
"Adam Andrzejewski refers to his opponents in the Illinois Republican primary as "the Redcoats," while calling his own grassroots campaign for governor "the ragtag army."Revolutionary War metaphors come easily for Andrzejewski, whose showing Tuesday in Illinois will provide an early test of the ability of Tea Party activists to deliver votes in Republican primaries during this year's mid-term campaign."
Say that name fast! Adam Andrzejewski is running as one of the Republican candidates in the gubernatorial primary election in Illinois. Instead of his difficult to pronounce name being a handicap, he has used it as a funny part of a friendly commercial,
"His comparatively modest resources may actually prove a hidden blessing in the hard-fought primary. While his opponents are inundating Illinois with automated "robocalls" and flooding the airwaves with negative ads, Andrzejewski's campaign is relying on volunteers to run phone banks and closing out with a light-hearted TV commercial featuring man-on-the-street interviews of voters pronouncing his last name.
It's pronounced "an-gee-EFF-skee
," reflecting a Polish heritage that should prove another advantage in Illinois.
While he isn't entering the election tomorrow with the highest polling numbers, (from last week) there is surely to be at least some spike after today's endorsement by Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck. He is one of the top five candidates in the primary.
"The Republican race is even more up for grabs with five candidates polling within eight points of each other. Kirk Dillard is at 19%, followed by Andy McKenna with 17%, Bill Brady with 16%, Jim Ryan at 13%, and Adam Andrzejewski at 11%. Of the remaining candidates only Dan Proft with 7% is not in double digits."
Andrzejewski said,
"We feel we're either within the margin of error or leading the race right now," said the Tea Party candidate, adding that he senses "panic" among his rivals in the crowded primary field. "We think 22 percent wins the race. Anywhere from 150,000 to 200,000 votes -- in a state of 13 million -- will win the nomination. The bar is that low."
Daily, I hear more and more instances of the Tea Party movement gaining momentum and credibility.

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