Wednesday, February 17, 2010


It makes me happy to read articles like this one from American Thinker: Tea Party Movement Untamed. It speaks of the ways in which some would continue to try and dismiss and demonize the Tea Party movement, but even more importantly, the way it presses on. Here's one piece of it,
"During CNN and BBC radio interviews, I as a black conservative was confronted with, "And what about those racist signs at the Tea Parties?"

Yes, the feelings, thoughts, and opinions of Tea Party patriots are all over the place. What a mess! Well, I say, how wonderful! I mean, think about it. Millions of Americans who have been passively watching our country slipping away for years are suddenly passionately seeking to restore it. So frankly, I do not care if the movement is a bit wild and free. Scott Brown's shocking, historic win in Massachusetts confirms that we are making a huge difference."
I guess the tea brewed in this party is stronger than many thought. I keep praying that the light will shine on the darkness - that the lies will be replaced by the truth. In big and small ways, I see that happening and the normal powers can't seem to stop it. I believe that going back to the founding principles of this country means acknowledging once again God's place in the impetus, strength, and inspiration in America's founding. Without Jesus, there is no freedom. Freedom is a right that comes from God, not people. If He is not acknowledged and leaned on for the preservation of that freedom, it will disappear. All peoples who lean only on, even well intentioned leaders, is eventually put back into bondage because even the best of leaders are fallen and are susceptible to the temptation of abusing their power.

In the varied views of those in the Tea Party type movements, one strong one is bringing God back into view in public life. Amen.

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