Wednesday, February 3, 2010


We already know that the stimulus package did not deliver the jobs it promised, but news today proves it did even less than even their "jobs saved or created" numbers. Now, it's simply, "jobs being paid for with stimulus money" (whether or not they would have been lost w/o it.) From an article written by
As The New York Times notes, the Obama administration has abandoned the attempt to count the number of jobs "created or saved" by the stimulus money—i.e., jobs that would not exist but for the special funds from Washington. .....Instead they are now officially asked to do what many (or most) of them probably were doing anyway: count the jobs "funded" by stimulus money.
Nothing more needs to be said. It's all one big joke. Most of us have already awakened to it (or knew it all along), but there are still some who are drinking the Koolaide and believe that the stimulus is stimulating the economy, instead of simply financing pet projects and and growing our deficit in paralyzing proportions. Hopefully, those people will concede that the joke was on them, before all of their credibility is lost. But, kudos to the NY Times for reporting it. There is hope yet.

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