Thursday, February 11, 2010


If he's trying to repair his image, he's doing it all wrong. When I read the following lead, I was actually heartened to think that they were finally changing their tune and admitting that the war in Iraq was worth it. The sacrifices of our troops and treasure yielded something wonderful. JOE BIDEN: Iraq — one of our great accomplishments. Success has a thousand fathers.

But, I would be wrong. In a revolting way that makes me want to throw up, they are taking credit for its success.
But that was 2007. Today, Vice President Joe Biden was on with Larry King. During the conversation Vice President Biden, a cut-and-runner, said that Iraq was one of the great accomplishments of the Obama Administration.
I can barely put into words how angry/frustrated/sick this makes me.

Their accomplishments?! If you can't bear to give direct to the Bush Administration, at least give it to the troops and admit that you were happily wrong about what the effort in Iraq could do. Even the withdraw was planned in the prior administration. And now, what are they doing about Iran? Don't they see the parallel? You can fight tyranny with freedom. With support from the USA and its military, the opposition that is rising up could oust the present world endangering regime. So, even while they "take credit" for Iraq, they won't apply the lesson to Iran.

Read the whole article to see all of the backtracking.

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