Friday, February 5, 2010


Take a look at this YouTube video regarding the freedom "Green" movement in Iran. It is incredibly moving. Why on earth are we not supporting them more? They only want what we want - freedom. Believing in the power of democracy and freedom was the offensive strategy that Bush had for defeating terror and nuclear threat in this increasingly hateful world. It is the domino effect he was talking about when he said the democratic countries become allies and brings peace to the world. Iraq was the first domino. Iran wants to be the second. To me, the thousands upon thousands of Iranians standing up to their tyrannical leaders is the gateway to peace in that part of the world. If Iran can be free, anywhere can. Bowing to the Iranian President A. and putting us on an equal footing with him is not working to bring peace or disarmament. The people of Iran need us. From this video, you'd think that we are closer to achieving a free country there than in Afghanistan. The bad people in Iran already hate us; that will not change. We won't be bringing on anymore hostility (rhetorical perhaps, but not practical) than there is now, were we to support the Green freedom seekers.

Freedom is the desire of all people. The people are stronger than their government when they pull together, especially if they have the support and protection of another powerful democracy like America. If we don't support them, all the bad leaders in Iran can do when the masses rise up is kill their people. They already do in many ways. They are expecting a lot of blood shed on February 11.

SHOWDOWN IN TEHRAN: In six days, on the 31st anniversary of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, we may see the biggest and possibly the bloodiest confrontation yet between the regime and its enemies, the Iranian people.

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