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It makes me so sad. The only place I could find coverage of the March 20, 2010 March on Washington D.C. by the Tea Partiers was from blog-type cell phone video and pictures, and Fox News. I checked out CNN and ABC and they had nothing, but ABC did have an article on a Don't Ask Don't Tell protest that brought 150 people!

From what I read earlier, there were around 20,000 people there. I heard estimates of up to 30,000. And, I saw pictures and descriptions to back up those numbers.

A few moments ago, I was checking out the MSM again and MSNBC actually had an article on the protest. I linked it but I guess I can just copy it here, b/c it's just a couple paragraphs and no pictures.

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From NBC's Luke Russert and Shawna Thomas
Located at the West Front of the Capitol in the grassy area below the steps, are according to two Capitol Hill Police officers between 1,500 to 2,000 Tea Party protesters.

They are loud, vocal and many hold signs that say, "Kill the Bill" and "Don't Tread on Me."

Mike Pence (R-IN) and Tom Price (R-GA) have addressed the crowd and currently Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) is stirring them up into a tizzy.

Tea partiers are also trickling into the halls of the House builidngs wearing 9/12 tshirts and Marco Rubio pins. They have lists of undecideds whose offices they're trying to visit. Talking to a few who came up from Florida, they say they're here to preserve their and their children's freedom.
The part in bold is what makes me want to cry, "according to two Capitol Hill Police officers between 1,500 to 2,000 Tea Party protesters." It's 10-20 times that many, if not more.

It makes me sad because it's a lie. It's not representing the truth. These days, words seem to be the same as truth. If they say it enough, they think it's true. "They" being MSM, Obama Administration, Pelosi, and so forth.

One of the comments that confirms the effects of misreporting is:
1500 people is all they can pull out on a Saturday, a really nice Saturday. I think the bag has been dipped a few times too many. Even Batty Bachmann can't pull in any more than this anymore.
There are two things about that comment that stand out. One is that the under stated numbers are giving him a false view of the event, and two, the fact that he's thumbing his nose at a couple thousand people is telling too. At the last March on Washington, there were thousands, but it was reported as hundreds. At least now, they can tell it's upwards of a thousand. And, MSNBC had a 2 paragraph blurb buried in their "politics" section of the news. I hunted for even a buried article about the protests at ABC and CNN and couldn't find one.

For pictures of the protest and reporting from people who were there, look here:


More here.

Also, there are more at that are simply imbedded into the site, versus being a link to another site.

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