Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Fed Audit Bitterly Opposed By Treasury

This headline caught my attention. I don't think anyone should be surprised by the fact that the Treasury wouldn't want the Fed to be audited. As I skimmed the article, one line really stuck out to me.
A lack of independence, he said [senior Treasury official] , could lead to inflation and otherwise undermine progressive priorities.
The name of the treasury official couldn't be named specifically because,
Under the briefing's ground rules, the officials could be paraphrased but not quoted, and the paraphrase could not be connected to a specific official.
The words, "AND OTHERWISE UNDERMINE PROGRESSIVE PRIORITIES" are what jumped out. Granted, I watch plenty of Glen Beck to be hyper sensitive to references to people clinging to "progressive priorities", but much of what Glen Beck has put forth have been eerily proved right.

A while back, I watched a video called "The Obama Deception", which was a very conspiratorial look at the progressive movement to create a World Order. The Fed played a big role in the conspiracy. It is captivating but nearly 2 hours long. Here is a 10 minute trailer for it.

Back when I watched it before, it intrigued me, but I tried to not get sucked into the conspiracy theory. But, events unfolding this year make me want to take a second look. The key, however, is that the results of their conspiracy theory are not pre-determined by man. Even if these conspiracy theorists are correct in their assumptions, they probably did not take into account the silent majority , the Tea Party movement, in reigning in the powers that think they have a free ride to their progressive thinking World Order. As their vision of health care reform and Global Warming theories break down due the vigilance and courage of the American people and other courageous whistleblowers, the ambitions of the Progressives may very well be true - in fact, they likely are, given what I've read and seen - but their success is not necessarily the end of the story. Light outshines darkness and the darkness forgets about that.

Update: I just read another link from Instapundit regarding the Fed that just adds a little more spice to the allegations of the power of the Fed to transform the world.

VACANT: “The Federal Reserve has quite a few vacancies – indeed, it appears that Obama will soon be able to name a majority of its seven governors.”

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