Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The first headline I saw on Yahoo! News today was:

Kucinich will support Obama health overhaul

Kucinich better watch out. This is going to inflame the Tea Partiers in Ohio, or even elsewhere. People are willing to travel hundreds of miles for protest. There is a Tea Party Express bus headed toward Washington DC for a huge Washing DC protest on tax day. They leave on March 27. It's traveling through the North, picking up people in Minnesota and I assume Ohio; if not, I'm sure they'll make a detour. I bet it will be covered by even the MSM. Despite themselves, they're starting to pick up on the anti-vote sentiment of the majority of the nation.

Even though it's not until March/April, Dems who vote for it will see how strong the sentiment is, even after the vote. I think it will eventually resonate how mad people are and that their November re-election is indeed in jeopardy, despite promises by Pelosi and Obama. November is a few months away yet, but people will still be angry enough to hold them accountable.

Let's just say that Obamacare ends up being a success. Despite their fears, people love it (as the dems are counting on). November won't be soon enough to be sure about that. I think that people are barely starting to realize that the effort in Iraq was worth it, but it's taken years! I don't think that any amount of money SEIU and gives to the dems is going to make a difference. I believe it'll only make the growing Tea Party contingency madder and more convinced that the union and lobby supported campaigns pervert the process.

It's going to be the dems who hold out and give a "NO" vote that are going to be spared - dem or not. Any scandal or negative campaigning will be known for what it is - arm twisting and intimidation that is happening now. Many will be even more impressed that "NO" voters held out, despite that type of pressure.

Evidence of the damage that will be done to Kucinich (yay on Obamacare) and the benefit that will go to Rep. Steve Driehaus of Cincinnati (nay on Obamacare) is revealed in the insightful analysis of the health care reform process from the The Cincinnati Enquirer.

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