Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Did you hear about the "Smut for Smut" campaign, sponsored by the Atheist Agenda?

Porn For Bibles At Texas College

When I first saw this on the news, I thought to myself, "What are they so threatened by?" Treating atheism like this is treating it like a religion unto itself. Is this their way of "evangelizing?" Do they have to offend and demean believers to make themselves feel better? It spurred me to investigate further to see what went on. I can only imagine the groups of Christians on campus praying through this display. I prayed that the Bibles turned in would get into some hands that would read it and their lives would be changed by it. I found a lot of comments about it here. The comments varied from jazzed to repulsed, but the one that grabbed me was the following.
It was an amazing event that had a huge crowd standing for and against the atheist agenda group. When I arrived at the event, there was one individual that was between the crowd and the atheist group yelling "Jesus" and quoting parts of the bible, but he was also being very threatening and even tore up paper signs from a small group of theist sitting in the middle who wanted peace between the groups. After about an hour or two, the groups became one big group with one main debate and many small groups that spontaneously broke out into peaceful debate over the bible, god, creation, and countless other subjects. Overall, it was amazing event that evoked a lot emotion and intelligent debate with some unintelligent yelling.
I love that something so sinister could end up yielding some positive conversations that may open up people's heart to who God is.

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