Friday, March 5, 2010


I just read an article about support gaining for taking on Bart Stupak's refusal to pass the health care bill as it's written. I bet there there are a bunch of dems out there who want to jump ship, but are afraid to. The "Gang of 11" as they're being called might give more of them courage.

Part of the article expressed Obama's baffling persistence in pushing through a bill that is not popular with the American people and is putting the democrats' chances of retaining their majority in Congress in jeopardy.

In comparing Clinton's ability to slow down on Hillary Care when he read the tea leaves, this writer says,
"You know, say what you want about Bill Clinton, but at least he knew when to take his foot off of the gas when he proposed ClintonCare. If Obama’s hitting the brakes, he must be in a Toyota, because he’s not stopping. If anything, he’s just picking up speed."
It made me chuckle, and I thought it might make you chuckle, too.

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