Tuesday, March 9, 2010


As I contemplated my last post, I considered the possibility that the progressives ultimate goals are not a conspiracy theory, but open and transparent to anyone listening and looking. There are examples and examples of self described progressives who espouse the priorities and heros of their platform.

People with a different world view (Capitalists and lovers of independence) look at it as a "conspiracy" because the goals are so outrageous and seemingly evil. But, if you look closely - and even not so closely - at their words and actions, their intentions are clear. They are not apologetic because their beliefs are like a religion. They don't think of themselves as wrong or evil. They see themselves as superior thinkers and are deceived by their pride. One indication of their superior thinking is that they are shocked when their comments are seeing as somehow not politically correct. Often, when exposed, they find themselves surprised when they realize that their words were not politically correct. They then find themselves having to justify or re-tailor their comments to remain relevant in the conversation.

Later, I will try to find and add some concrete examples of what I'm talking about, in terms of their unashamed self-identification with outrageous and radical views that move us toward a more communistic paradigm.

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