Thursday, March 25, 2010


Even after the House vote hurdle, President Obama continues to spend countless hours focusing on health care - trying to make the cause to the American people that it's a good thing for them and us as a country.

The problem is that he continues the talking points. We've heard them over and over and rejected them. They complain that Republicans have warped the message and used scare tactics to deceive the people.

They could fix that if they'd just say how these promises of goodies would happen. But they can't, b/c it won't.

Also, they can't even honestly say that kids won't be denied b/c of preconditions b/c someone goofed and didn't put that language into the bill as it was passed. Whoops. They assure the public that will be easily fixed in the "fixes" but come on! That was an actual good piece of it. It wasn't one of the dirty details, but a pillar of the hope in it. How many other "unintended" problems are there in this massive bill, if they can't get this pillar of their argument right? Their excuse is that it is such a massive bill that such oversights will pop up! Duh!!!! That's one reason we don't want a 2000 page bill. The missing items or typos will be legislative and enforcing problems later to be taken advantage of in even more lawsuits.

Ugh. This is far from over.

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