Saturday, January 23, 2010


After reading this article in the NY Times called, "Mob Rule", I was struck by one of the comments posted after it.

The article referenced above tried to make sense of the shift of "the mob" rooting for Obama to "the mob" choosing Scott Brown, a republican.

Here is the comment. I think it's noteworthy because it's written by someone in Seol, Korea, so this is an outsider's view of what's going on in American Politics.
Obama was elected on his own slogan of "change you can believe in." He got a substantial majority (by American standards) and a mandate to do just that. He didn't use that energy, and made myriad ill-advised decisions and choices. It is of course absurd that those who choose him for the changes he proffered would now shift to a Republican right-winger, but so it is, it was the alternative available. If Obama does not rapidly commence enacting the changes he promised, he'll have a very unhappy 3/4s of a presidency on his hands.

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