Friday, January 15, 2010


From Instapundit:

I don't know what Obama is thinking. Has his hubris no bounds? This is the clearest evidence that he is truly in full denial of his sinking popularity. Does he not get that the reason Scott Brown is a real threat to the once-thought-democrat-owned Massachusetts seat is that more and more left of center folks are unhappy with the health care bill, and that if electing Brown is the only way to keep them from ramming it down our throats, then so be it.

Bringing Obama out to campaign will not help; in fact, I have read that favorable polling for Coakley has sunk after Obama gets drawn into the race. 35% of Massachusetts residents favor Obamacare. 55% favor Obama. This race isn't about Obama, per sey, it's about health care. No matter how badly he casts Brown in his appearance on Sunday, the people know that a vote for Coakley is a vote for Obamacare, and they don't want it.

Having Obama come to help out Coakley is a very unwise political move. The risks totally outweigh the gain. The only way he can justify going is that he is still convinced that his very presence and endorsement can sway them. When she loses, it will reflect poorly both on him and his agenda. They will no longer be able to blame the loss on Coakley. The argument that it's a referendum on their leadership is that much more solid. Even if Brown loses, but the polls don't really change, his presence will prove to be powerless. He's got a problem if Democrats think that being completely loyal to Obama will not help them in an election, and that their association with Obamacare could actually hurt.

There better be a lot of monitoring of the election. There is precedent for fraud by ACORN and Pink Panthers. I don't put it past them to use desperate measures to keep Coakley from losing.

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