Monday, January 18, 2010


The above YouTube Video presented in the above link is actually pretty humorous. The crowd really got raucous when a heckler(s) loudly made some disapproval known. Obama couldn't control the crowd. I think it took him a couple of minutes to regain people's attention. He looked like a teacher who needed a whistle or something to get the class' attention back.

One of his remarks referred to the other campaign as demonizing the opposition. Yes, he knows all about that!

This clip didn't show the whole speech, but the 5 minutes it does show, while not impressive, was kinda funny to see such a practiced and hailed speech giver really struggle to regain the attention of the crowd, raising his hand in frustration and saying to his supporters, "it's okay. it's okay. Now, where were we?"

Of course, he couldn't resist blaming the last administration for the country's misery's, but at least this time it was more subtle than usual. He referred to the past 10 years of trouble rather the past 8 (of course, now it'd be 9 with his year). But, he's right about looking prior to the last administration. It was during the Clinton administration when the rules for lending loosened so much (too much) to let people into the real estate market who really couldn't afford it. It was a nice ride, while it lasted. Unfortunately, we weren't even allowed to relish and accept the bounty because the dems were constantly complaining about the state of the economy, even then, when unemployment was at all time lows. But, I didn't hear them complaining about the irresponsible lending at the time. That, at least would have given some of their complaining legitimacy and understanding of the markets. Instead, it was blatant politics. And ugly at that. They don't want us to be happy and content. They need us to need them.

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