Friday, January 22, 2010


GALLUP: In U.S., Majority Favors Suspending Work on Healthcare Bill.

The above article shows that 39% of Americans think that Congress should continue and try to push through the bill they have. Whereas 55% of Americans think they should suspend work on this bill and consider alternatives.

From what I've heard on the news, my sense is that the Obama Administration is inclined toward continuing to push it through. It's hard to understand their logic but, there seems to be a core number of people - around 39% - that continue to like this legislation.

He can't afford to lose his devotees. He' already lost a bunch of them, b/c he's backed off some of his most radical promises such as gay marriage, closing Gitmo by the end of the year, public option in health care, and bringing the troops home. He's never going to convince the Right or even the Center-Right that he's got what it takes to re-elect him in 2012, but if he loses his entire base, he's a goner. His campaign support for Democrat Congress members and governors in trouble in elections has proved to be unfruitful anyways. Therefore, he can throw them under the bus and push through whatever he can during this limited tenure. After all, he thinks he still has the typical SEIU, and ACORN types to strong arm for him, and control of his message in the MSM. But, he's out of touch there, too, b/c even those ranks are weakening.

So, I predict he pushes harder than ever, trying to please his most radical followers, who truly are in line with his objectives. He'll have to throw a bone or two to the other dems, who are waking up, and even some republican's now that Scott Brown is in there, but he's not going to back off and move to the center like Clinton did.

The best news is that he doesn't have the support of the majority anymore, and in America, the majority does have the voice...eventually. With 2010 elections not far off, he's not going to have the full support of the democratic caucus anymore, now that they've seen how unhappy the majority of the electorate is with their policies. Apparently what they'd been fed about the opposition being dummy tea baggers on the radical fringe has come to light as the garbage that was.

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