Saturday, January 16, 2010


I was just reading the following link from a link in instapundit:

Sentences to ponder, Haiti edition

“Money is worth nothing right now; water is the currency,” one foreign aid worker told Reuters.

The story is here.

I have to say that after some skepticism, I think President Obama has handled the Haiti disaster well. At first, I thought he was taking on too great a role. I think that stems from the fact that he seemed to care more about Haiti than America, especially in light of the near miss terror scare. But, as I read the accounts, I think it was a good decision to act quickly and decisively in getting as much aid and resources to Haiti ASAP. It is a disaster beyond comprehension. The death and destruction in its wake is far more extreme than any terror attack would be. And, the threat of a huge natural disaster like that looms for everyone in this world, at least as much as a terrorist attack does.

Reaching out to the world in this type of compassionate way is very good. It's the outstretched hand that makes American stand out and be a true leader for good will in the world. Reaching his open hand out to dictators w/o precondition and the bowing and so forth is not being a good leader to spread good will in this ever shrinking world.

As far as natural disasters go, preparation and reaction is the best you can do. In a terrorist filled world, along with preparing for the worst, there are more proactive things you can do to prevent such a tragedy from happening.

I guess that's what I want to see from our president. Kudos for the way he is outstretching America's hand in offering aide to a neighbor in time of great need. Please, Mr. President, care about Americans as much.

As I reread this post, I realized that in the first sentence I was able to address Obama as "President Obama". Usually, I am unable to do that. I say "Obama" or "the president" or "the administration" or "the White House". In this case, he acted presidential. This is the type of compassion that America is known for. Bowing down to dictators who present a clear and present danger to America is not.

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