Wednesday, January 13, 2010


In the above blog entry linked by instapundit, the blogger is reporting that Newt Gingrich, when asked who are the front runners for 2012, declared himself viable for being a candidate for president. The writer is not impressed with his self declaration.

At the end he says that Huckabee could be crossed off of his list too.

My observation is that both Gingrich and Huckabee make regular appearances on Fox News (Huckabee has his own show). Is that their ruin? One wouldn't think so, but maybe. Over exposure?

Sarah Palin is entering that circuit, too, as a Fox News contributor (ie. pundit). She's been making the rounds on Fox News shows this week, with hour long interviews w/ O'Reily, and today it was Glen Beck. She probably was on Hannity, too.

I do like her, and I think her approval rating will surpass Obama's for awhile, i.e., hers will go up as his is going down, but I'm not sure she's the right candidate for 2012. She is good for the party right now though, and a voice for people in the Tea Parties, as well as other disenchanted folks. I think continuing to be a voice is the best position for her. She can articulate things (despite her reputation for the opposite), she's nice to look at and listen to, and her values resemble those of the disenchanted with the system as it is. She also can raise a lot of money at speaking events. Her demeanor, thoughts, frustrations, and ideals are refreshing to me. Running for and/or being president could spoil that. Who comes out of the presidency as respectable as when they went in? Also, not running shows that her interest in politics is true reform and not power.

Some think she would jump ship from the GOP and go with being independent or some 3rd party. Her position during her interview with Beck today was that she's considered it, but has decided to remain a Republican. She says that the Republican's planks (that's what she called them) are good; they've just drifted from that. The old timers that have forgotten what values put them there need to be fired, and replaced by people who share the more conservative values being called for right now by the disenchanted (my word), whose numbers are growing all the time. I think she's smart enough to know that a 3rd party would only increase the dem's chance of keeping the power.

Right now I trust her. That's hard to find right now. Maybe that's why I don't want her to run for president. Too much garbage goes with it, and it's hard to not let some of the stink stick to you. She is a great spokesperson and can prop someone up big time.

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