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January 9, 2009

(Link from SCOTT BROWN: Winning “the battle of the blogosphere?” That’s not where elections are settled, but it’s something

This is the fun part of politics, i.e., when you feel like our voice is being heard and acknowledged. They (Congress and MSM) dismissed the Tea Parties, but that only made them (Tea Party types) more determined than ever to find people to put into the elections to make their points that it's not the fringe. Unless, of course the whole electorate except for unions, interest groups, and lobbyists are dismissible. Perhaps they are in practical terms for financial support and influence in elections, until, that is, the Tea Party representative wins an election - or even comes close - without a political machine. And, I predict Brown wins. The momentum is his, and it's too exciting for people to pass up the opportunity to vote in this one. And there are right leaning people all over the country, not just MA, paying attention to this election, who are represented in the large numbers of supporters and hits on the internet. I'm one of them. I googled "mid term elections" and read about the candidates, which is where I learned about the name, Scott Brown. Name recognition is huge when it comes to being in the ballot box. Otherwise, it's just a party vote. There are about 25-35% of voters who will stand by the Democratic party no matter what, but these days, less people feel comfortable with just voting by party, and if they don't know enough, they might just not vote for that contest, even if they are inclined to vote in general.

It sure makes it interesting. It's like a good sporting event, in a game that counts, whose score is nearly tied late in the 4th quarter, but your team has the ball and the momentum.

The Tea Party's lack of coverage was frustrating, but it's exciting to see they're making a difference anyways. Even if Brown loses, his strong showing will raise eyebrows, even if they don't say so. You can ignore polls, if you want to, but an election, not so much. Other dems running in the November election will start to see the real temperament of the electorate. Either they’ll have to lean more center, or retire.

The people’s voice will be heard.

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