Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Can you imagine this? How Did School Staffers Get Insulin Instead of Flu Vaccine?

When staff members at a Wellesley, Mass., school went to the nurse last Friday, they expected to be injected with a vaccine for the H1N1 flu. What they received instead was a shot of insulin resulting in a bout with low blood sugar.

I wonder if this happened before or after school? I hope after, b/c teaching with low blood sugar sure is a disadvantage in a classroom where the kids are likely functioning with high blood sugar!

This is a potentially very serious mistake, depending on the person it's given to such as someone with hypoglycemia. Will there be accountability and law suits for this, like there would be if it were a private administration of the wrong vaccine? If so, the CBO needs to account for those costs when determining the cost of Obamacare. If not, the hypocrisy would be unbearable.

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