Thursday, January 21, 2010


From Instapundit: DOESN’T HAVE THE VOTES: Pelosi announces that she can’t pass Senate ObamaCare bill. “Brown’s arrival in the capital today carried a message that Democrats finally began to comprehend, after dismissing voter anger at town halls for months as meaningless.”
From that link..
"This puts an end to the complicated pass-this-now, do-a-modification-later approach that had been floated over the past week as it became apparent that Democrats would lose Massachusetts. It also probably means an end to the reconciliation approach, which could only be used to pass the least popular elements of ObamaCare — Medicare cuts and tax hikes. We’re probably looking more at a Square One approach, and this time the Obama administration may try to draft key Republicans into the talks in order to get bipartisan cover." (my emphasis)
I call that a huge victory for the American People. We all can see that some type of pragmatic, common sense, health reform is needed, but not in the form of Obamacare. Starting at square one is the right thing to do. And, with Scott Brown in the room, puts some of the Republican ideas back on the table.

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