Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It was very exciting to see the turn of events that led to the election of Scott Brown yesterday in Massachusetts. There is a sense that people are starting to see the writing on the wall, in terms of the left progressive's agenda and they don't like it. The scales are coming off, in terms of the idolatry of Obama. Perspective and balance have a chance, again. The independents are still looking for the hope and change they thought they'd get in an Obama administration.

I think the movement propelled by the Tea Party Express provides the best chances for the change in Washington that so many are looking for. The main sentiment is "less government" and "reduce spending" and "keep us safe." That is appealing to all centrists - left or right leaning.

On the other hand.....there are two diametrically opposed points of view in our country in regards to what constitutes, "going in the right direction." They seem irreconcilable.

What prompted me to think about this today was an article by Nile Gardner, from Telegraph Blogs.

It's title is:
"10 Reasons Who George W. Bush Was a Smarter World Leader Than Barack Obama."

I read the article and agreed with all of the points. How refreshing it was to have someone lay it out like that in bullet point form.
The part that floors me is in the comments section. This article really hits a nerve. It has generated over 175 comments so far. People just see black and white and one's black is the other's white. (and I'm not talking about race!)
It's one thing to disregard the blogger's points, but the way those with opposing views spin the same facts and turn them upside down never ceases to amaze me. I know they think the same of my point of view. The points of view are irreconcilable. There is no overlap for about 25% on the left and 25% on the right. It seems to me that there are points of gray for about half of the electorate.

The message to Washington yesterday was the rejection of a one party government by the centrists/independents in the electorate. There is a pit in everyone's stomach when they read the anger from one faction to the other. There is a complete disconnect. The center that extends both left and right, just wants everyone to get along. Use common sense and the Constitution and fix our problems. It seems so simple. It's the interest groups, lobbyists, and unions that pull the strings that makes it complicated.

That's why the time immediately after 9/11/01, while sad and scary, was also wonderful. There was a unity in America that we hadn't felt in a long time and haven't seen since. A common enemy brings unity. Then, it was Al Quieda. Now that has been muddled and the common enemy on the left is the right and the common enemy on the right is the left. I hope that the revolution, using peaceful protest and the ballot box, (vs. bullets or bullying), coming to pass through the silent majority who has always just wanted everyone to get along and for government to get the job using common sense solutions and sticking to the principals in the Constitution, will bring us together by our common heritage, instead of our country coming together because of materialized threats from terrorists.

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