Sunday, January 10, 2010


January 10, 2010

Here’s the thing. You can’t tamper with God’s Creation without really messing things up. In China they tried to make it rain by adding something to the clouds. I recall hearing it didn’t turn out so well. Now, of course there is Global Warming. I don’t think too many people doubt that the earth may be headed toward a warming period, based on what we’ve been hearing for so long. The doubt has been with whether or not it’s man made, and if we can fix it by altering our energy consumption. The fact is the earth has been continuing to create itself since God spoke it into existence. Every time there is an earthquake or volcano, the mountains are shifting, with the potential of making part of California an island and other massive changes. Erosion, fire, and other weather type things make similar differences in topography and so forth. We’ve had ice ages before. Yes, it may have killed off the dinosaurs, but look what came after that – what that made room for? Humans! If the dinosaurs had tried to alter their fate, where would we be?

So, from my perspective, attempting to change the weather or alter the earth’s course is futile at best, and destructive at worst. It’s the unintended consequences of tinkering that you have to watch out for. For instance, protecting some type of predator animal b/c of its risk of extinction but having the unintended consequence of putting another species further down on the food chain at risk of extinction due to the increased population of the predator. If we start limiting our use of the God given, precious resources on earth, who knows what that could lead to. With good stewardship, the resources of the earth are there for us to live and exist and thrive. Part of the reason there are rich countries and poor countries is simply because of the natural resources the area has. If we start limiting their use, it’s hard to say what domino effect that would have.

Now to the reason that I started this entry in the first place. Off of, I found this link:

STARTING: A 20-Year Mini Ice Age?

The first thing I thought when I read is that it may not be as much of a fact that the earth is warming like the scientific models say – with or without it be human caused – as we have all come to believe. As much as there are scientists talking about global warming, there are also those that speak of an ice age. Even giving the proponents of the dire situation of global warming the benefit of the doubt that their science is sound and their intentions good, the fact is there is only 130 years of reliable weather data to work with anyways. I’m not convinced that any argument with that percentage of data can be relied upon in a way that justifies making such over arching interventions that will change and affect the lives of everyone, in a potentially very detrimental way, in terms of the day to day making a living types of things.

So much of this global warming controversy comes down to many conflicting motivations, some sinister, and others not. But the lie in it all is to think that people have the control over the climate, in any significant way. We are not God. When things get out of balance, God has designed the earth to find a way to balance itself, to adapt to the changes. It’s the tinkering that inhibits the natural “laws of nature” to fix things on its own. I think the same analogy can be made for economics, but that can be for another time.

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