Saturday, January 9, 2010


January 9, 2010

I was reading an article linked by again. (NEVADA: Harry Reid Hits New Low In Poll. )

It’s regarding Harry Reid’s falling poll numbers for his Nevada re-election in November.

It’s noted that the independents will make a huge difference. One of the quotes in the article was:

"The Republicans have got to move into the middle to get them to the polls," Peplowski said.

I think she has that wrong. Politicians are mistaken when they equate independents with moderates/center. I think that a label of “independent” means that you’re just not party affiliated. You’re sick of the 2 party system and would just rather take it election by election, candidate to candidate.

I think the independents are looking for that Hope and Change candidate (that they thought they were getting in Obama) who will fix the broken system. I think any candidate that doesn’t claim devotion to either party will fare best with the independents. So, moving to the center is not the correct strategy this time around. Wishy-washiness is not called for. People are looking for someone they can trust, someone they can relate to. Few trust Obama anymore because of the multiple and continuing broken campaign promises. Harry Reid is also suspect because of the closed-door negotiations for the health care bill. That causes distrust b/c you know they’re trying to hide something. Being secretive does not instill trust, especially when transparency was promised.

Obama tried to come across as “one of us.” It worked for a lot of people. But, it is becoming increasingly clear that he is just another of the elite governing class, doing politics as usual, and in the most self-centered way possible.

I think that is what is attractive and threatening about the Tea Party movement and candidates. They are grassroots and are truly “one of us.” Part of what makes Sara Palin attractive to her supporters is her “one of us” persona. Of course, since the country is divided in its World Views, someone who seems like someone I can relate to is going to be misunderstood and despised by just as many people. I’m excited that she is attaching herself to the Tea Party movement. She can raise a lot of money! I hope she continues to only take on a supportive role, however, and not try and be an elected leader. I think she is too polarizing for that, and that is the last thing the country is looking for right now. We’ve had enough of that in the past 8 years and the foreseeable future up through 2012. Palin will attract the press, which is something the Tea Party movement hasn’t been able to do.

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